Because we have sincere interest in building a lasting relationship with You.

We believe this is the most important mission at ITAC. Through these relationships, better matches are made between our candidates and client-companies. Building relationships isn't a process, it's a work in progress. Here's our approach.

We ask questions. Lots of questions. And then we listen. Carefully. We ask questions of companies needing help with staffing and we ask questions of candidates. We come to understand the nature of the businesses we work with and their needs. We spend time understanding not just the skills, credentials, and experience a person brings but their unique traits and needs that make both company and person a great fit. Once we've asked the right questions and genuinely understand your needs, making the match is a natural conclusion. The result is a quality fit between person and position.


All opportunities presented are actual jobs available to those meeting the company-client's specific requirements and needs. In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, we will only present your information to companies for job-openings for which you've given us your approval.

You will receive all available information regarding employment opportunities to include duties, responsibilities, hours, benefits, and compensation, to the best knowledge of your recruiter. We will not present opportunities to you with companies known to engage in questionable, inappropriate, or unsafe business practices. Your confidential information will be respected and handled accordingly. You will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. As a consultant/employee, we will uphold our legal and financial responsibilities to you in a timely manner. Your employment search is confidential.


You will receive qualified candidate submittals, based on matches between information gathered through personal interviews held with candidates and the requirements you provide us. All information which can be shared with you regarding a candiddate will be shared as accurately and fully as possible.

Information you share with ITAC in the best interest of meeting your specific position requirements will be met with the utmost respect.