3 Reasons to Use a Recruiter

Finding a job is hard. Finding a job that fits your skillset, needs, schedule, personality and values is even harder.  Do you really want to sift through job postings, spend hours perfecting your resume, and then sit around waiting for a response? This is where an ITAC recruiter can help. We specialize in connecting great people with great companies.

We want to save you time and stress in the job search process. However, many job seekers are skeptical about enlisting the help of a recruiter.  ITAC Business Development Manager Ginny Queen advised job seekers to put aside these hesitations. Here’s why:

  1. We know people. ITAC has a large network of individuals and companies at our fingertips, which makes us privy to job opportunities that don’t show up in a Google search. Ginny emphasized that a lot of companies, big and small, do not post their job openings online. However, they may hire a staffing company, like ITAC, to find candidates for them. All in all, by using a recruiter during your job search, your network grows exponentially.
  2. We get to know you. We make a point to ask all the right questions and take the time to really listen to your answers and story. These insights matter because they empower us to carefully evaluate each job and every candidate to facilitate the best possible matches.
  3. We can advocate for you. Most importantly, recruiters present candidates in the best possible light. We understand that candidates are much more than their resumes. ITAC recruiters not only ensure that your resume is received, but they also share your unique story with hiring managers to explain why they think the candidate is a good fit for the position.

Ready to put your hesitations aside? Contact ITAC today!  Let us take the time-consuming process of searching for a job off your plate and advocate for you.