The ITAC Approach

November 26, 2019

What sets ITAC apart? Why choose ITAC? These are valid questions that we think you should ask any company before embarking on a venture with them.

At ITAC, we live by four core values:

  1. We do the right thing in every situation.Yes, this is a tough one to live out in an industry where there are so many competing priorities.  But we should put the interests of others above our own, even when no one is looking. 
  2. We’re passionate about relationships.If seeking the good in people comes naturally to you, if you inspire loyalty and others rally around you because you are authentic and genuinely want to see others succeed, this is you.
  3. We have a helping heart.Compassion in this industry is vital, particularly when the conversation isn’t easy.  No two people have the same walk of life and our ability to be respectful, empathetic and caring isn’t optional.
  4. We are competitive and we hate losing!It’s tough to think anyone likes to lose but some people just don’t give it much thought.  Losing keeps us up at night.  We win without compromising our other core values .

We are focused on relationships and go beyond what the common recruiting company will do for you.

Check out what Ben Branch, Charles Baughman, and JG Carver have to say about the ITAC approach.