Are You Missing Out on Candidates?

September 18, 2018

By: Jimmy Moore, ITAC Birmingham Business Development Manager

Throughout the hiring process, time is of the essence—especially with unemployment being as low as it is these days. Not only is the candidate pool shallower, but candidates do not stay on the market for long, so it is important to act swiftly to hire top talent.

Do you find yourself consistently missing out on candidates? At ITAC, our sole goal is to connect great people with great companies, so we hate to see clients miss out on that perfect fit. Here are a few ways you can help us help you efficiently secure the best-fit candidates:

  1. Be ready to hire: In this job market, you have to be ready to make a move. If you’re just “fishing,” you will most likely miss out on top candidates. So, before putting your name in the game, be sure you’re willing and able to hire.
  2. Prioritize the process: Once you begin the recruiting and hiring process, it’s important that you give it the attention that it demands. Allot the appropriate time to interviewing candidates and making hiring decisions.
  3. Operate within the 2-week window of opportunity: Ideally, the hiring process should only last two weeks. Following initial interviews, you should move quickly to set up second interviews with your top candidates the following week and plan to make an offer by the end of that week. Dragging out the hiring process gives candidates the opportunity to interview elsewhere and receive offers from other companies. The longer you wait, the shallower the talent pool becomes.
  4. Provide feedback. When you have been presented with candidates, your candid feedback on why you are or are not interested in meeting with them is incredibly helpful to our recruiting process. This translates into faster turnaround on more candidates you want to see.  Like everyone else, we love hearing positive feedback, but we’re tough and welcome your critical comments with just as much passion. 

Are you ready to hire? Whether you need one person to fill a spot for two weeks, a team of consultants for a critical project or a key hire for a leadership position, ITAC is here to help you through the process and secure the best candidate for the job.