How to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

April 17, 2019

So, what is an “administrative professional” anyway? WE think it’s the person our clients contact us about (sometimes in a panic). They rely on us to find them the person who is the “glue” that holds everything together—from personal appointments and commitments to making sure every call is answered with professionalism and warmth. Often, these are the people who wrangle the thoughts of those visionary leaders into a cohesive, digestible presentation with the style of a “creative” and the accuracy of an analyst.

Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 24th, and it is your opportunity to celebrate and show appreciation for these critical players on your team. Since those are the people who usually help you come up with recognition ideas for others on your team, we thought we would share a few ideas with you:

  1. Send a gift to their home. How many times have they worked late to get that presentation to you, meanwhile leaving a loved one at home to handle the pets, kids, dinner or yardwork? Send them a gift they can share and show your appreciation for the sacrifices they (and their “plus one”) made to make you look great in that presentation!
  2. Write a personal card. Whether the card is from Hallmark™ or simply from your personal stationary, handwritten notes are a great way to show someone you care if you put forth the effort to show your appreciation.
  3. Treat them to lunch. If you work with a group of administrative professionals, consider taking them to lunch together.  They choose the spot!
  4. Bring them their favorite snack, coffee or dessert. Even if they are into healthy snacks, you can’t go wrong with this one! Grab a gift card for their favorite juice bar or stop by their favorite coffee shop or bakery for a treat they’re sure to enjoy.
  5. Recognize them in a way that works for them. Many of those in “support” roles enjoy being “behind the curtain” rather than being in the spotlight while others are completely comfortable with a bit of public praise. Regardless, find the right way to show your appreciation whether it comes through a quick meeting, a social media post or calling attention to them through internal communication.

Wishing you had that administrative professional on your team to help you remain focused on the things you do best while meeting your commitments to your customers?  If so, give ITAC a call.  We welcome the opportunity to find the right person who can assume those duties and tasks that hold you back from being your best self!