Holiday Party Do’s & Don’ts

December 4, 2018

‘Tis the season for office holiday parties. Whether you’re attending your own company’s party or a client’s event, you should approach the occasion with more caution than the rest of the events on your social calendar. Holiday parties provide colleagues with an opportunity to mix and mingle in a more casual and festive atmosphere. However, holiday parties also present potential pitfalls.

Check out these key do’s and don’ts to surviving and thriving at office holiday parties this year:

  • DON’T be a grinch. Don’t pass up the invitation to the holiday party. It could hurt your reputation at the office.
  • DO attend the party and spend at least 30 minutes at the party for appearances.
  • DON’T wear anything too revealing or flashy. The party is still a business function, so conservative party clothes are the best choice.
  • DO dress appropriately. Ask whether the attire for the party is formal or casual.
  • DON’T overindulge and let your guard down. Eating and drinking in moderation is key.
  • DO enjoy yourself but conduct yourself professionally at all times. Keep one hand free so that you can offer handshakes to people as they come by.
  • DON’T spend the entire evening talking about business—That’s no fun! Keep your conversations fun and upbeat.
  • DO take the time to network and socialize with people at the party who can influence your career. A holiday party is a great time to begin building or strengthening business relationships.

Basically, don’t forget the “office” part of “office party.” Think of the event as a networking opportunity and do yourself some good while having a fun time! Happy Holidays!