How to End the Year on a High Note

December 19, 2017

The holidays are officially in full swing, which means the end of the year is not too far behind. As a leader and hiring manager, it is important to end the year on a high note—no matter what happened throughout the year. Abide by these 3 tips and your employees will be motivated when they return from the holidays.

  1. Celebrate the year’s successes. Every year has its highs and lows, but there’s no reason to dwell on the lows. Instead, celebrate the success of your team with recognition. Consider highlighting the company’s growth, group and individual goals that were reached, new business ventures and other wins of the year in a company-wide meeting before everyone leaves for the holidays. Recognizing employees for a job well done is essential to employee engagement and encourages them to continue doing what they do well.
  1. Reward employees for their hard work. Once you’ve announced and celebrated the high-points of the year, show appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Whether this comes in the form of a holiday party, end-of-year bonus, a few extra days off or something else, your team will appreciate the gesture.
  1. Set goals for the New Year. Last, but certainly not least, motivate your employees by setting goals for the New Year. Employees often return sluggishly from the holidays with unenthusiastic attitudes. Newly-established goals will encourage your team to regain focus after the holidays. Keep their spirits high by setting exciting new goals for the upcoming year. No matter how big or small, these will ignite

All in all, post-holiday blues can threaten employees’ morale and productivity. End the year on a high note with these tips. For more ideas, check out these 5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees. Happy holidays!

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