How to Get an Entry-Level Job with No Experience

How are you supposed to get experience when it seems like every posting you read requires experience? Sound familiar….and maybe a bit frustrating? If you are approaching graduation or changing careers, it’s likely you have sought out the “entry-level” posting only to dismiss it once you realize that even entry-level jobs often require some sort of experience.

What’s the deal?

Some employers are limited in what they can offer a new employee and promote the position as entry-level in hopes of attracting those more-willing to accept entry-level pay.  While the posting is not intended to be misleading, it can certainly seem discouraging.

Here are some suggestions on how to handle these situations.

  1. Apply and explain: If you find a great entry-level position that you feel is perfect for you, take a shot and apply.  Be sure to include, either in the body of the email or in an attached cover letter, why you believe yourself to be a qualified candidate along with your strengths, motivation and willingness to start out on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder.
  2. Network: Use your social and professional connections to find someone you know who will walk your resume’ into the hiring manager’s office.  If you have a long-term strategy to get into a specific company, start dialoguing with someone within that company who will accept your offer to coffee in exchange for some insight into the company.
  3. Explore internships or temporary work: If you’re struggling to secure interviews, an internship or temporary position are also great options.  Plus, internships and temporary positions are often gateways to full-time employment.

Entry-level positions are rarely listed as such (in the job title), so try to find job postings related to the work you want to do such as “customer service representative” or “accounting clerk.” When you find the job(s) you want and believe you have the skills needed, try out the approaches above.  While we might not be able to assist you with internship opportunities, ITAC is ready to learn about your skills that might help you land a temporary or full-time position!