5 IT Jobs in High-Demand

November 14, 2017

Job seekers, it’s time to sharpen those tech skills. Employers across the country are struggling with a shortage of IT talent, specifically software development talent, which makes it prime time to land a job in IT.

“The shortage has to do with colleges, etc. not producing enough students who choose that path over the years, along with the demand increasing from companies,” said ITAC Birmingham IT Recruiting Lead Ethan Dorman. “There is also a wide variety of development languages to choose from when looking to get into software development. When you are taking students out of college, they have a choice to go to .NET, Java or front-end development, etc., which creates a lot of diversity in skill sets.”

The bottom line, Ethan said, is that “There’s just not enough talent in town—or nationally.” So, job seekers and college students, pay attention. According to Ethan and ITAC Recruiter Leslie deJesus, these 5 jobs in are in high-demand:

  1. Full-Stack Developer: Full-Stack developers work on both the front-end and back-end portions of a web application. Leslie explained that the shortage of full-stack developers stems from a skill shortage: “Many job seekers are more interested in front-end OR back-end developing, but employers prefer to have a full-stack developer who has the ability to handle both.” In Huntsville specifically, Leslie emphasized, the U.S. Department of Defense needs full-stack developers with active security clearance or the ability to obtain clearance, which often prevents job seekers from serving in those positions.
  1. .NET Developer: .NET developers build software using languages and technologies of the .NET framework. Because this is a newer role, there are few job seekers with the skills and experience to fill these positions. Ethan emphasized again that the growing number of IT roles and languages pulls IT talent in other directions causing a shortage in newer roles, like .NET. For instance, employers hiring entry-level .NET developers are looking for college grads with some sort of development experience—whether it’s through an internship, co-op program, solid GitHub presence, personal development projects/portfolio, etc.—which can be hard to find. Additionally, Leslie stressed that employers prefer .NET developers to not only possess the hard skills, but also exhibit excellent communication skills.
  1. Java Developer: Like .NET developers, Java developers manage software projects based on the Java programming language. They help create the basic concept that directs software development and oversee programmers and software testers to ensure projects progress according to schedule. From startups to companies opening offices in Birmingham from other parts of the country, everyone seems to need Java talent. Ethan admitted, “We have a large number of companies right now looking for Java developers, and I know there are more in town looking for them.” Essentially, the demand for Java developers is extremely high, but the supply is low.
  1. Cyber Security Specialist: In general, a Cyber Security Specialist protects all sorts of companies—from banking to defense—against cyber threats. These days even normal, everyday companies need to protect their software and clients, Leslie pointed out. Ethan agreed that IT Security roles are in demand due to compliance matters and security issues.
  1. Automated Quality Assurance Engineers: These engineers design applications that convert manual test preparation into automated test preparation. They design, create, test and implement these solutions to automate as much of the manual test preparation as possible by using codes and scripts. Ethan said, “This position is becoming more and more common. In the past a lot of the testing processes have been mainly manual, but now, since there has been a shift in the past few years to automated, it’s difficult finding talent with the right experience for these roles.” Because of their unique roles, Automated Quality Assurance Engineers need to have a mix of quality assurance, software testing and software development experience.

All in all, if you’re searching for a job in IT, you’re in luck, and ITAC is here to help. Contact us today and we’ll work to find a fitting position for you!

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