ITAC Takes on Nashville

February 6, 2018

As one of the fastest-growing metropolitans in the U.S., Nashville is experiencing constant change in the company landscape and an influx of new talent from around the country. Not only is it known for its prominence in the healthcare industry, but Nashville’s technology sector is also seeing major growth. Overall, the city is becoming more transient, which brings in great diversity in ideas and experience and opens the door to job growth.

Job growth is not only eminent, but it is necessary.

A Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed that the Nashville metro area had the lowest unemployment rate of any large metropolitan in the country in 2 separate months in 2017. Companies are flocking to the Volunteer State, and Nashville specifically, because of the friendly business climate and its desirability to transplants.  Consequently, the jobs and the population will keep growing,

Come one, come all.

Many of the newer Nashville companies are built to operate adjacent to, and in support of, the booming healthcare industry.  Technology companies that automate, streamline or enhance the patient experience are popping up everywhere.  These companies are seeking to hire individuals with back-end software development skill sets with backgrounds in operations/management.

Likewise, there is a continued emphasis on software development and security in the IT space.  The accounting and finance world is showing an uptick in finance roles and hybrid finance/IT, specifically Financial Analyst / Business Analyst roles. ITAC Nashville’s office and administrative recruiting team is also seeing a resurgence of customer service roles.

Nashville is the place to be.

Nashville has so much to offer: A booming travel and tourism music scene downtown, a sprawling suburbia that extends in every direction, a thriving and raucous sports following (the Stanley Cup Finalist Nashville Predators, NFL Playoff Tennessee Titans and the newly-granted professional soccer team!), and let’s not forget that there is no state income tax! All in all, there is a buzz about the city that has staying power, and it’s a great time to be in The Music City!

If your company is seeking out new talent or you’re a candidate searching for the perfect opportunity, contact ITAC Nashville today. Through relationship-building and honest business practices, the ITAC team strives to bring something special to the Nashville employment market.

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