ITAC Solutions Welcomes Kaleigh McDonald to the Birmingham Team

December 27, 2018

ITAC Solutions is excited to welcome Kaleigh to the Birmingham team! Kaleigh graduated from the University of Montevallo with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a concentration in Early Childhood Education. After teaching for a few years, Kaleigh realized she had a knack for administrative tasks and duties while working for an architectural firm. These skills will be applied in Kaleigh’s new position as a Sales Coordinator. In this role, she will assist the sales team with behind-the-scenes office work to allow them more time in the field. To learn more about Kaleigh, check out this Q&A:


Q: What made you want to work for ITAC?

A: A friend of mine referred me. Once I started learning about the company and got into the interview process, it just captivated me. To start off, it was the heart of the company and the work that they do here is so important. But what got me and kept me, was the people. Everyone was so kind, and I was excited to get to work with that kind of group of people.

Q: What are you looking forward to in your new position?

A: I am coming in as a support role to the sales team. I am a helper to my core, so I am excited to come in and help other people’s jobs run more smoothly and efficiently.

Q: What’s one thing you really want candidates to know about you?

A: Because I am such a helper at heart, the one thing that I’d want anyone I meet to know is thatI am going to work really hard for you. I am going to work hard to get you the help that you need in whatever capacity.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working in Birmingham?

A: There’s not much to do in Montevallo, so I enjoy being so close to all the new restaurants and businesses here.

Q: Who’s your biggest role model?

A:  My older sister. She’s confident and has really come into her own. She is kind to people and works hard to get stuff done.

Q: What’s your favorite piece of advice?

A: Whenever I left the house during high school or college, my dad would always say “Be all that I asked you to be.” This saying encompasses his advice to be confident, be kind, be good to other people, work hard, be diligent and more.

Q: What are three words that describe you?

A: Caring. Adventurous. Loyal.

Q: What’s your favorite summer activity?

A: Going to the beach!

Q: What’s something most people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: I used to be a figure skater! It came very naturally to me, but I had to give it up after dislocating both of my shoulders.

Q: Bookworm, movie buff or Netflix binger?

A: Movie buff! Watching You’ve Got Mail is my guilty pleasure.

Q: Where is your favorite place to hang out in Birmingham?

A: The Red Cat Coffee House

Q: Tell us about your family and/or pets.  

A: My husband’s name is Kyle, and we have a dog named Clark (after Clark Griswold).