Job Seekers: Tell Your Story

October 15, 2019

Polish your resume. Be prepared. Dress for success. Be confident. Make eye contact. Ask questions. These are just a few tips candidates typically receive before having a job interview. A few ITAC associates recently passed along some fresh and noteworthy advice to job seekers:

Tell your story.  

This simple phrase can change how you present yourself and greatly impact your interview success. Charles Baughman, ITAC Chief Administrative Officer, explained that sharing your unique story helps you to stand out amongst other job seekers. “I think one of the biggest challenges I encounter when interviewing a candidate is that they don’t know how to tell their story, and that’s really important,” Charles said. “People can have similar work experiences but being able to tell your story and how that differentiates you as an individual really helps the candidate connect with a potential employer and the employer with the potential employee. Making that connection is what’s most important.”

Additionally, Meg McClenney, ITAC IT Business Development Manager, emphasized that sharing your story helps the interviewer get to know you beyond what is listed on your resume. “Tell your story. You are so much more than your resume,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. The interview is your time to tell your story and find out if you can fit within that company just as they are trying to size you up and see if you’re a good fit for them. It’s definitely a two-way street.”

Similarly, Wes Jones, ITAC IT Recruiting Manager, noted that having a story helps you to sell your skillset. “Make sure you have a good story to tell when it comes to communicating your skillset to an employer,” he said. “Be yourself. An interview is there for you to sell yourself and what you can do to make an impact in the company. No one else can do that for you once you get in the interview.”

An article published by the U.S. News and World Report also supports how storytelling can help your job search: “Humans communicate best through stories. Societies rely on myths, legends and folklore to convey the essential truths and core values of their culture. So it is with communication during a job search. Hiring managers and recruiters will relate best to the candidates who can tell anecdotes and stories that support and illustrate their suitability for a role”

All in all, stories are powerful tools to reinforce your strengths and highlight your compatibility with the employer. Before your next interview, think through how to effectively tell a story that speaks to your skills and personality.

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