Mobile: A Port City with Potential

Mobile may be small, but it is a port city with great potential. In fact, Mobile was included on WalletHub’s 2019 Best Cities for Jobs list. Plus, the new Airbus assembly facility and Amazon distribution center are certainly contributing to this growth. Mobile Market Manager Tucker Frazer and Recruiters Annie McRee and Stacey Bullen shared what makes their market unique and where they expect to see growth in the job market.

What sets Mobile apart as a place to work and live?

“Mobile is great,” Tucker said. “It’s a much smaller market than Birmingham, Nashville or Huntsville.  We’re on Mobile Bay and close to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, so that’s definitely an attractive part about living in Mobile. Plus, Mobile has a lot of growth going on right now.”

“Mobile has big city amenities, but a small-town feel,” Annie explained. “As far as work goes, I think we can make a lot of connections with people because of the small-town feel of the city. And personally, it’s a great place to live because it’s family-friendly and close to the water.  There’s always something to do.  You can get in the car and go fishing 10 minutes down the road or be at the beach within an hour!”

Do you anticipate job growth in specific industries? What jobs are most in demand in Mobile?

“I think the most requested position that we get is for CPAs with public accounting experience,” Annie said.  “The new Amazon distribution center is bringing a lot of jobs in.  AirBus also has a new assembly plant addition that is bringing a lot of engineers in.  Plus, with Mobile being a port city, there is always a lot of growth with ship building and steel in that area.”

 “Manufacturing growth is exploding right now,” Tucker said. “There are a lot of positive things going on right now, so that trickles down to the positions we work to fill and provides a lot of business for us. We have a lot of accounting positions available right now, from high-level to entry-level positions.  I think they are in such demand right now because of some of the manufacturing growth.  And, of course, there are always the office positions and corporate support roles that will also be needed with this manufacturing growth as well.”

“Mobile has a lot of industry revolving around the water,” Stacey added.  “We have ports, shipping, logistics and things like that.  And, we always have a high demand for accountants and CPAs.”

From its small-town feel to job opportunities, Mobile has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a job or candidate in Mobile, contact ITAC Mobile today! The ITAC team is equipped and willing to help you find a career or new employee that is the right fit.