Sloss Tech 2018 Recap

August 7, 2018

By: Ben Branch, ITAC Partner and Director of IT Services

Sloss Tech 2018 was an inspiring event that raised awareness of ITAC’s growing technology sector and candidate base here in Birmingham. 

You can feel the energy and inertia. You can feel the rumble of the engines starting and spinning up.  We have true traction building in this thing.  It is not lip service, and it is not hype.  We have real things happening here and authentic momentum.  Though simply raising awareness for IT in Birmingham would be enough, the event was much more than that. Sloss Tech emphasized the challenges Birmingham’s technology industry faces and how to combat them.

For instance, we effectively addressed the need for more young IT professionals in our city, and more importantly, the need to retain them. We plan to create the microcosm to attract IT talent and provide a greater environment for them to grow.  We also heard from many different perspectives how technology can be the transit to overcome and learn from our past and shine a light on how we can work together to traverse the chasm.

Overall, I heard some folks request a more ‘technical’ Sloss Tech, while many others expressed that they loved how ‘real’ it was. I suppose if you are not comfortable discussing the true problems in our society, then it might not have been the event for you.  But, if you are concerned and proud of our city, then you probably enjoyed the messages. 

Ultimately, I believe Birmingham has a lot to offer individuals—from both our past and future.  Sloss Tech is a great way to gather people and facilitate conversation.  Though people come from very broad backgrounds, they all share one common interest: Technology!