Why You Should Always Keep Your Resume Updated

November 16, 2017

Whether you’re desperately job seeking or happily employed, you should ALWAYS keep your resume updated. Why? In short, because you never know when or what career opportunities may present themselves. Yes, it’s a tedious task, but an up-to-date and polished resume is a valuable tool to have on hand regardless of your current circumstances.

Here’s how you can benefit from regularly updating your resume:

  1. Keep track of your professional progress.
    • Your resume lists key details about what you’ve learned, the skills you’ve developed and the differences you’ve made throughout your career. If you only update your resume when you’re looking for a job, you may forget to include valuable skills and accomplishments. By keeping your resume up-to-date, you can keep track of your professional progress, which will help you make smart short-term and long-term plans for your career.
  1. Show off your skills and expertise.
    • It’s time to show off that expertise. Whether a kind colleague is nominating you for an award or you’re presenting yourself as an expert in your field by writing an article or speaking at an event, an updated resume is necessary to prove you know your stuff. Be prepared to pass along a polished resume rather than scrambling to pull it together when it’s requested.
  1. Easily secure freelance work.
    • You may not be looking for a new full-time job, but what if a freelance opportunity surfaces that you don’t want to pass up? If you have an updated resume on hand, you’ll be able to get your name and expertise into the hiring manager’s hands quickly and effortlessly.
  1. Quickly fulfill recruiters’ requests.
    • Just because you’re not looking for a new job doesn’t mean a recruiter or hiring manager isn’t looking for someone exactly like you. Recruiters are actively searching for candidates to fill open positions. Keep your career options open by consistently updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. After all, you never know when an opportunity that is too good to be true may present itself.
  1. Equip yourself for career advancement.
    • Though your manager has first-hand experience with your work, other leaders in your company may not. By having an updated resume, you’ll be able to submit an application in a timely manner while showing off your experience, work ethic and enthusiasm for the new position.
  1. Prepare for the worst.
    • Unfortunately, a day may come when you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed. Though you can always hope for the best, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the worst, right? With a resume ready-to-go, you can stress less and quickly kickstart your job search.

All in all, the more frequently you refresh your resume, the less work it will be when it’s time to use it. Do yourself a favor by ALWAYS keeping your resume up-to-par—even when you’re not looking for a job.