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3 Interview Mistakes That Could Be Costing Your Company Top Tech Talent

When companies hire on their own, it’s not uncommon for recruitment mistakes to happen, especially when it comes to hiring top tech talent.

No matter your hiring process, there is always room for improvement.

At ITAC Solutions, we have refined our hiring process to make it as quick and efficient as possible while ensuring a quality candidate experience. Here are the three most common interview mistakes you could be making and how they could be costing your company valuable tech talent.

Having Too Many Rounds of Interviews

According to LinkedIn, the average tech candidate waits 44 days before landing a job. While this may be standard procedure in some fields, it’s way too much time wasted for the technology sector. To confirm this, in Terminal’s State of Engineering 2021 Report, 46% of software engineers identified too many rounds of interviews as a red flag, and 59% reported that their interviews were too long.

The problem with numerous interviews is that the candidate goes through the wringer – and they understandably get weary (and wary) of the process. In addition, extended interviews can make candidates more hesitant to accept your job offer, especially if they’ve gotten offers from other companies as well. To avoid this issue—limit yourself to two or three rounds of interviews and keep tech talent in the loop during the decision-making process.

Taking Too Long to Respond to Candidates

An often common yet easily avoidable mistake that puts candidates off is not responding to them promptly. Almost half (48%) of Terminal’s surveyors stated they would question their decision to accept a job opportunity if there were long delays in communication. 

With the candidate shortage, most job seekers don’t need to wait long to find a good opportunity—meaning the faster you respond, the better! Give your tech talent a realistic timeline of the interview process, and take the time to respond to those who didn’t get offered the job. Candidates that don’t make the cut still invest their time and energy in you, and they may be a good fit for a future role—so be sure not to burn that bridge.

Interviews Being Too Generic and Not Technically Focused

The biggest mistake tech employers can make regarding interviews is that they don’t go into enough detail when interviewing tech talent. In most cases, the hiring manager will want to start by asking a bunch of softball questions, such as “Why do you like working at X company?” or “Why did you leave your previous job?” While these questions sound great on paper, they’re not very analytical and can be unengaging to the candidate.

In fact, according to Terminal’s State of Engineering 2021 Report, 49% of software engineers said that they’re more likely to reject a job offer after being interviewed by someone who didn’t have a good understanding of their role or the software. So, suppose the interviewer asks a standard set of technical questions that evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of specific technologies. In that case, they will have a much easier time gauging a candidate’s skill set and ability to solve problems. 

Take the Headache of Hiring Off Your Plate

The market for talented candidates in tech is more competitive than ever. Today’s job seekers know their worth, they know they are in incredibly high demand. If your hiring process is overly lengthy or unengaging it will be out-of-step with the current temperature of the market and you’ll be unable to hire, or even attract, the industry’s top talent.

Is your company struggling to hire its next tech leader? At ITAC Solutions, we make hiring leading candidates hassle-free. With our elite talent network, refined hiring process, and over 20 years of experience in placing contract-to-hire and direct hires in the IT sector, we are confident that our team can locate your next top tech talent. So contact ITAC Solutions today to learn more about our process.