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Accounting Crunch: Beat the End of the Year Crunch for Accounting Temps
The end of the year is time to prepare your company for the coming year and report the financial gains and losses from the one...
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The Best Way to Negotiate with Hackers Is to Not Have to Negotiate at All
What do you think the biggest trend in online business is today? Online retail? Comparison shopping? The truth is, it's much more nefarious. The biggest...
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How ITAC Recruits to Its Core Values
We hear about company core values a lot today. Their content populates social media posts, website content, job ads, and more.  Speaking about living out core...
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Get Involved: Why Businesses Should Be Giving Back to Their Community
The best businesses are the ones that aren't just in it for the money. These businesses tend to have interests beyond their accounting department; they...
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North American Temporary Worker Survey: Key Takeaways
The 2021 North American Temporary Worker Survey, conducted by SIA, has been released. It aims to answer the question: how do contractors and consultants decide...
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ITAC Solutions: A Partner in our Community
At ITAC Solutions, we believe wholeheartedly that one of our core responsibilities is to enrich the community around us. To shed some light on what...