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From Country Music to Career Opportunities: Why Nashville is a Hot Spot for Recruiters
Nashville, TN is on a growth trajectory, unlike most major cities in the United States. A new report from Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. projects...
IT Professionals Working at Their Desks
In Demand and On-Demand: The Five Best Gig Economy Jobs for IT Professionals
Looking for high-paying, flexible work in the tech industry? This blog post covers top jobs to consider, skills and experience required, and earning potential....
A group of people walking down stairs out of an office with coffee in hand.
“Quiet Quitting:” Why It’s Time to Redefine Our Work Culture
It's time to call out the elephant in the room: Quiet Quitting. You've probably heard the phrase in the news lately. If quiet quitting is...
A man sits at a desk with a computer pondering his options.
The Benefits (and Urgency) of Switching Roles in a Strong Job Market
We have some urgent news for anyone who's thinking about changing jobs right now.  If you're considering a shift from your current role, now might be...
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Worried About Your Career in a Recession? Here Are the Best Jobs in a Down Economy
You might have heard that our economy may be due for a recession. If so, you probably made the logical connection that a downturn in...
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A New Way of Thinking About Retention Rates
Retention rates are one of the most persistent challenges for employers, especially businesses in the IT and tech industry. On average, tech talent has some...