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A New Way of Thinking About Retention Rates
Retention rates are one of the most persistent challenges for employers, especially businesses in the IT and tech industry. On average, tech talent has some...
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Top Retention Statistics You Need to Know in 2023
As 2022 wraps up, organizations are preparing to hire in yet another year where the market is candidate-driven, but with the added twist of navigating...
Hiring Manager Advice Keeping Employees Engaged to Prevent Ghosting
Advice for Hiring Managers to Avoid “Candidate Ghosting”
You've heard of ghosting when it comes to dating. But did you know ghosting is becoming more common in the job market? There's a variety of...
How You Can Help Create Better Employee Productivity
Your employees are perhaps your organization's most valuable asset. And these days, they’re under more stress than ever. They’re worried about their families, their health...
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Your Resume Checklist to Avoid the “Black Hole”
Use This Resume Checklist to Avoid the Resume "Black Hole" We've all been there. After scouring the web for the perfect job, you've found the right...
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The Top 3 Reasons People Quit Their Job (and What You Can Do About It)
Why are workers quitting their jobs? This question has perplexed employers for years, even though it's relatively simple. But answering it can be the key to...