About Us

To think, it all started around a kitchen table back in 2000 when our founders came together and decided to start their own firm. You see, they understood how staffing firms worked, having firsthand experience with some very large organizations, and they felt that the industry as a whole was missing the big picture.

Sure, they were great at numbers and job descriptions, but as the industry grew, they forgot the key component we believe makes it all work…. relationships!

Right from the very beginning our founders made relationships the central component to ITAC solutions. Their goal was to re-introduce the importance of building relationships to the staffing industry by taking the time to learn more about both their companies and their candidates. Though initially we focused solely on placing IT and Accounting professionals in key positions throughout both the region and the nation (Hence the name… ITAC!) our desire to consistently meet our customers’ needs drove us to broaden both our focus and our scope.

Now moving past our original focus of IT and Accounting, today we work to connect professionals in many fields, such as Engineering, Marketing, Human Resources and just about every other title that works behind the scenes to keep a company running like a well-oiled machine. Yet, as always, phrases like “heavy lifting” and “sharp objects” should only apply to copy paper and staples, respectively.