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We know you hire a recruiting firm to find you not just any candidate, but the right candidate. We know you’re tired of feeling like you don’t have a valuable business relationship with recruiters because they’re just after the transaction. At ITAC Solutions, we’re here to work closely with you to understand your business, your values, and your requirements and we commit ourselves to put in the extra time to find you that perfect match, not just for the role but also for your unique company culture. Whether you need to hire 20 CSRs to work with a specialized technical background to work on-site or one highly-qualified mortgage processor to work remotely, we can make it happen—anywhere in the US.

Previous corporate services Placements

We help leading organizations connect with top Corporate Services professionals in a variety of levels and functions. For an idea of what roles we can help you fill, view some of our recent placements below.

Recent Searches Block 1

Director of Marketing

$2M architecture firm

Recent Searches Block 2

Director of Workforce Development

$3B property & casualty insurance services

Recent Searches Block 3

Human Resource Director

$47M food & beverage company

Recent Searches Block 4

Plant Manager

$25M metal foundry

Recent Searches Block 5

Sr. HR Director

$70M asset protection organization

Recent Searches Block 6

VP of Human Resources

$120M healthcare diagnostics company

Recent Searches Block 7

VP of Operations

$45M healthcare data collection & analytics company

Recent Searches Block 8

VP of Marketing

$120M healthcare data collection & analytics company

find the right talent

We think of our corporate services recruiting team as ITAC’s own swiss-army knife. Due to the wide variety of roles we help our clients fill in this field, our team is highly agile, adaptable, and unafraid to learn new terminology, new industries, or new roles in order to identify the best and most-qualified candidates. Our corporate service team is well-equipped to expertly source high-volume orders, but also have the processes in place to recruit high-impact professionals for a single role. What makes this team truly special, though, is their ability to source quality candidates into practically any department or team within your organization.

Jennifer S.

I am extremely impressed with the ITAC team’s enthusiasm, communication and professional demeanor. They always made me feel like I was a priority. During the two months ITAC was helping facilitate my job search, they consistently demonstrated all these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse them.

Alex H.

I’ve known the ITAC team for about five years, and they have always conducted themselves with the highest professionalism and integrity. They were a great sounding board for all of my questions and concerns, and I felt like they were strong advocates for both myself and the company I was hired by. I have worked with a number of different recruiting firms over the years, but I will continue to refer my friends and colleagues to ITAC.


I have worked with ITAC for over 20 years and have nothing but praise for their commitment and dedication to finding the right candidate. Most of the positions they have filled for me have been in the IT arena, however, there have been plenty of others that they have assisted with as well. I can’t say enough good things about the entire Team, but especially JG Carver and Ben Branch. It has been a pleasure working with them all these years!


The ITAC team is incredibly knowledgeable about the employment market in this area and they consistently produce solid candidates. In addition to being great at what they do, they give back to the community and are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend ITAC to anyone who needs help identifying the best talent for their organization.

Suzanne R.

ITAC is one of the greatest organizations I’ve worked with in my whole working career. I appreciate their efforts and loyalty immensely, and they are always so quick to help.

Jerry H.

The connection I made with the ITAC Team was the perfect fit for my career journey. It’s a good feeling to wake up and look forward to going into the office, and ITAC helped me find that.

Wendy B.

I want to thank ITAC for always being available to our company and for doing such an outstanding job in finding solutions to meet our needs. I realize that it’s not an easy task, but they have always met the challenge with expertise and professionalism.

Amber O.

The ITAC team is extremely friendly and outgoing, and always willing to go that extra mile to ensure that their clients and candidates are pleased and find a good fit.


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