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3 Tips to Win the Post-COVID Battle for Top Talent

The US is slowly but surely getting back to a sense of normalcy. And it seems like once and for all, the nation may perhaps be entering a post-COVID world. 

Like any massive shift, expect an adjustment period for all people (and businesses) involved. 

You need to be well aware of how much has changed during the pandemic. Namely, the values of working professionals have evolved and transformed. That much is evident when realizing the following two statistics: 

  •     The Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey shows that 25% of respondents are preparing to look for new employment once the pandemic threat has subsided.
  •   Over 40% of the 30,000 Microsoft’s Work Trend Index survey respondents said they were considering leaving their employer this year. 

With these numbers in mind, and how current hiring has been steadily ramping up, it’s evident that the hiring market will be highly active post-COVID. However, it’s also clear that top candidates will have different expectations from their potential employers than before the pandemic. 

Here are three tips to help you appeal to a post-pandemic employee candidate-base eager for new employment opportunities: 

Stick with Remote Hiring 

Global Workplace Analytics predicts that by the end of 2021, 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week. 

Given that more people will work from home (relative to any other non-pandemic setting), a similar adjustment should be made to your hiring process. 

Pandora’s box opened during COVID-19, and people – including top talent – realized how much more convenient remote hiring was. 

Consider all aspects of the hiring process. Hacker rank, for instance, hosted a two-day virtual job fair, allowing candidates to network with top tech companies. 

You’ll need solutions such as LinkedIn Talent and SkillSurvey to hone your processes, from interviewing to marketing. Something like CodinGame is good for roles requiring online tests.

Carefully Hone a Candidate Persona 

Trying to recruit top talent is a lot like selling your product or service to customers and clients. 

Much like any marketer needs to create a buyer persona to sell to customers, you need a candidate persona to market your company to top talent. 

You’ll have a “blueprint” for your ideal hire for a specific role in making a candidate persona. Within this fictional profile will be the qualifications, educational background, traits, and interests you’re looking for in a recruit. 

Finding who you’re looking for means knowing who you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll be adjusting your standards ad hoc throughout the hiring process. 

By figuring out your needs, you’ll fine-tune and pinpoint your recruitment strategy (e.g., how you write the job description, when/where you post it),  

Seek Out Difference Makers 

While there will be an influx of top talent looking for work post-pandemic, that doesn’t guarantee your ideal candidate is actively looking for work. 

Most of the time, difference-making talent is already working somewhere else—and happy in their position. 

Provided you want to remain competitive, sometimes, you need to be aggressive with your recruitment approach. 

Keep in mind,  70% of the world’s workforce are passive candidates, not looking for work. 

There are some caveats here. Attracting someone who’s happy – or at least content – in their role requires an expert’s touch. You’ll need to spend time building your employer brand, for one. 

Another way to help recruit this type of top talent is working with a recruiter who specializes in finding difference-making candidates. By partnering with a company experienced in attracting top talent, you’ll benefit from their sure-handed guidance that streamlines your hiring processes and keeps you competitive. 

At ITAC Solutions, our recruitment processes are fit for the post-pandemic world. Get ahead of the oncoming hiring surge and contact us today.