Biggest IT Trends to Watch Through 2021

The phrase “the future is here” might sound cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less the truth. 

Today’s technological trends are developing rapidly and driving monumental shifts across the IT industry, whether it’s the jobs being created or the skills required to fill those new roles. 

Read on as this blog explores the most significant IT trends to watch during 2021. 

AI Engineering 

By 2025, it’s expected that artificial intelligence (AI) will be worth $190 billion as an industry

However, AI is already a high-impact player. This year, global spending on cognitive and AI systems is set to exceed $57 billion

AI has massively impacted speech/image recognition, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing, and navigation. But the future of AI includes interaction analysis to learn about underlying insights and connections. Furthermore, it’ll be used to help decision-makers in services like hospitals use resources more efficiently. 

Moreover, expect AI to be used more in pinpointing changing customer behavior patterns by analyzing real-time data. This usage will drive revenue by making experiences more personalized. 

As a result of this ongoing transformation, organizations should be creating jobs in AI development, programming, testing, support, and maintenance. 

The more advanced a candidate’s skills are in machine learning and AI, the more sought after they’ll be for positions such as AI research scientist, AI engineer, machine learning engineer, and AI Architect.


The value of blockchain technology goes far beyond cryptocurrency and crosses over into security across many applications. 

With blockchain, it’s only possible to add to data–not take away from or change it in any manner, making it entirely secure.  

Blockchain’s consensus-driven nature ensures that a single entity can’t control data, meaning trusted third parties aren’t needed to validate transactions. 

Demand for blockchain expertise is increasing across many industries. Employers want developers who can use the technology to develop then implement solutions and architecture. 

Talent who specialize in blockchain should possess expertise in the following categories:

  •     Programming languages
  •     OOPS fundamentals
  •     Flat and relational databases
  •     Data structures
  •     Web app development
  •     Networking 

IoT (Internet of Things) 

Already, the IoT has connected devices, home appliances, cars, and much more over the internet, leading to widespread seamless data exchanges. 

Through the IoT, businesses can improve safety, decision-making, and efficiency concerning collecting and analyzing data. Moreover, this advancement will allow for predictive maintenance, streamlined healthcare, and enhanced customer service. 

Projections show that by 2030, the IoT will reach $1.1 trillion in USD of global spending in 2022

Those seeking out talent in these roles will want people with a firm grasp of AI and machine learning fundamentals. Networking, data analytics, automation, embedded system expertise, devise/design knowledge, and hardware interfacing will also be desired skills in IoT-focused jobs. 

Distributed Cloud 

There appears to be a bright future for the distributed cloud, with a projected $3.9 billion market value, proving that exponential growth is imminent. 

When cloud services are dispersed across multiple physical locations, it’s called the distributed cloud. The public cloud provider is still responsible for operations, governance, and evolution in such a setup. 

By implementing a distributed cloud, companies can reduce data costs and better adhere to geographically-based data laws. Furthermore, this solution allows organizations to leverage their public cloud without dealing with a private cloud, thereby reducing costs. 

Expect the following types of jobs to be created within organizations looking to capitalize on the distributed cloud: 

  •     Infrastructure engineer
  •     Cloud engineer
  •     Distributed scheduling
  •     Cloud infrastructure architect
  •     Cloud security engineer 


To compete in today’s landscape, you need top IT talent working for your company familiar with these trending technologies. And you’ll find those high-level candidates by contacting ITAC Solutions today. We have access to the best tech talent on the job market.