How to Plan a Job Search Staycation

Spring break season is here! How are you spending your week-long vacation? If you’re an upcoming college graduate looking for an entry level job, spring break gives you the uninterrupted time needed to jump start your job search.

However, it’s important to utilize your time off effectively so your job search staycation doesn’t turn out to be a waste. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, midday or in the evening, set aside a period of time each day that works best for you accomplish these 6 items:

  1. Day one: Polish your resume. Crafting an impeccable resume is crucial to standing out amongst other job seekers. Check out these top 6 resume writing tips from ITAC Recruiter Annie McRee.
  1. Day two: Clean up your social media profiles. These days social media plays a big role in the hiring process. In fact, 70 percent of employers are using social media to snoop on candidates, according to CareerBuilder. It’s essential that you think before you post, clean up your social profiles and optimize your LinkedIn profile with these 6 tips.
  1. Day three: Search for job openings and seek support from a staffing company. Searching for job openings can be a daunting and sometimes frustrating task, but ITAC is here to help you through the whole process—from the first application to accepting an offer. Contact us whenever you’re ready to start the process!
  1. Day four: Research potential employers. The internet and social media give you ample resources for researching potential employers. It’s important to dig deep and determine if you think the organization is a good fit for you and your up-and-coming career. Not sure what to research? Check out these seven things to know about an employer before an interview.
  1. Day five: Write cover letters and fill out applications. Cover letters give you an opportunity to stand out by highlighting how your skills are appropriate for the position. Take some time to tailor your cover letters for specific employers and positions. Here are some helpful tips!
  1. Day six and seven: Visit location(s) of interest. Now it’s time for the fun part! Once you have narrowed down a few locations of interest, take a road trip and explore the cities. This will help you learn more about the area’s culture and pros and cons of moving there.

After dedicating time to your job search each day, be sure to take some time for rest, relaxation and fun—it is spring break after all! We hope you enjoy your job search staycation!

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