It’s Nice to do Business in Birmingham

By: Jimmy Moore, ITAC Birmingham Business Development Manager

Just a few years ago, Birminghamians envied the growth and revival of other cities. Today, we have collectively established Birmingham as a breeding ground for success and are beginning to brag on our own city’s accomplishments. For instance, start-up stories, like Shipt, are making headlines and proving success is possible; companies, like Stewart Industries and Autocar, are choosing to relocate or expand to Birmingham; and small businesses are quickly growing into medium- and large-sized businesses.

What’s the secret to our city’s growth spurt? It’s simple: Birmingham has all the right ingredients to empower businesses to thrive and create career opportunities, including:

  1. Thought leadership: Birmingham is brimming with leaders in a variety of fields who have the ideas, creativity and energy to make an impact. This generates a ripple effect of creativity and as iron sharpens iron we build, empower and encourage each other to chase their dreams.
  2. Start-up support: Organizations, like Innovation Depot, provide entrepreneurs with the support and resources they need to establish, build and launch their business initiatives. This support allows companies to incubate their companies and control their costs while at the same time being around other likeminded individuals.  Companies like Pack HealthFleetio and Atlas RFID have moved through the depot into their own buildings and created new job opportunities.
  3. Booming businesses: From technology and aerospace to manufacturing and auto suppliers, there is a wide variety of new and growing businesses present in the Magic City. Birmingham is a positive ecosystem for leaders and business, and its size enables you to network and grow your business from referrals.
  4. New job opportunities. The booming business ecosystem creates a need for new employees with a variety of skillsets, including software developers, skilled labor, sales people and more.
  5. Location, location, location! The central geographical location of Birmingham makes it a convenient place to live and creates a ripe environment for employees to establish a favorable work-life balance. In just a few hours, you can enjoy the relaxation and activities that beaches, lakes and the mountains have to offer. From award-winning restaurants, lively music events, charitable galas, food festivals, and a growing bar and brewery scene, there is something for everyone to enjoy right here in town. Plus, we’re not too far from prominent college towns like Auburn and Tuscaloosa where you can attend a good ballgame.

Ultimately, it’s nice to do business in Birmingham, and people are starting to notice. If you’re interested in growing your business or finding a job in Birmingham, contact ITAC’s Birmingham office today!