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Effectively Working From Home

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many people unexpectedly found themselves working from home for several months and may be continuing to do so. Meanwhile, employers continue to evaluate the impact working from home has on employee job satisfaction, morale, effective communication, and work performance. How does this change in environment affect how you work?

We talked with several ITAC employees to get their feedback on working from home, and advice they have on how to effectively accomplish your daily tasks.

What are the Challenges?

“When the kids are home, there is always a struggle to separate work/life. I find myself working longer hours with fewer breaks and no “end time” when I work from home.” – Christy Williams, Enterprise Sales Leader

“While I really love not being in the office, sometimes it would be nice to be able to pop into someone’s cube or office to ask questions or just chat and socialize for a few minutes. Even though I am 100% a member of the team and we communicate so well with each other, nothing beats in person interaction sometimes.” – Sydney Pearson, Senior National Accounts Recruiter

“Dogs barking or the doorbell ringing (which makes the dogs bark) while I am on the phone, long distance technical support if I have any computer issues, and handling homeschool with a 2nd grader are my biggest challenges.”    – Mike Mundy, Senior National Accounts Recruiter

What’s Great About It?

“Flexibility and autonomy. I can set my own schedule, and as long as I am meeting expectations and performing, I can do it as I please (within reason). It feels like there is less “obligation” (if you will) that comes with working in the office, so I am on my own time and schedule and the freedom of that is really nice.  I also love having the time back in the day that I would otherwise be getting ready for work and commuting.” – Sydney Pearson

“I am more productive, have less distractions and there is no commute.”Mike Mundy

“I love that I do not have to deal with traffic, and the flexibility to eat lunch at home.” – Christy Williams

Any Advice?

“Maintain a daily schedule.  Wake up at same time every day and go to work.” – Mike Mundy

“Get up and get ready just as if you are going into the office. Try to set a start, break, lunch, and end time so that you do not find yourself getting distracted.” – Christy Williams

“Setting and sticking with a weekly schedule and daily routine. Know the organizational expectations for you, as well as your own. I will map out my week on Sunday night/Monday morning with any work meetings, appointments, after work plans and know where I may be busier and make adjustments. I will sit down each day and write down everything I need to do, both personally and professionally. It allows me to set up my day and know when each task will be completed/how long it will take. A sense of order is a must!” – Sydney Pearson

Working from home and in the office, both come with a different set of challenges. Sticking to a routine and eliminating distractions is the key to effectively working no matter your environment.

If your work environment or the work you’re doing is causing you to spend more time daydreaming about a new career, contact ITAC today!