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Employers: Responding to COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, personal and professional life has changed drastically in the last few weeks for everyone. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, companies are facing many uncharted challenges. Below are a few strategies companies are using to navigate and overcome these challenges.

Protect workers.
  • Keep employees in place and paid while this pandemic passes.
  • Offer telework options to employees and contractors.
Pause hiring, not recruiting.
  • Use technology to keep the interviewing process moving through video conferencing solutions like Zoom, FaceTime, and GoTo Meeting.
  • Lean on staffing partners to coordinate and facilitate video interviews, allowing their IT pros to support the needs of their remote workforce.
Utilize staffing companies as a “payroll service”.
  • This allows your company to keep moving with people you have found on your own, but on-boarding them through staffing companies at a “low payroll rate”.
  • Doing this helps to reduce costs like benefits coverage, payroll taxes, and insurance.

However, depending on the industry, we realize some companies have no choice but to furlough or eliminate positions right now. If this is the case, companies can help in the following ways:

  • File unemployment claims on behalf of the affected employees to expedite the claims approval process.
  • Partner with a staffing company. This allows employees affected by a workforce reduction to have a starting place and it potentially decreases the time they go without a job.


We know this is a difficult and confusing time. If ITAC can be of help to your company, please contact us.