Hiring Manager Advice: Keeping Employees Engaged to Prevent Ghosting

You’ve heard of ghosting when it comes to dating, but did you know it has become common even in the workplace? Candidates get offered a position and then never show up to work or contact their new employer.

As a hiring manager this is extremely frustrating. How can you prevent this from happening? Here are a couple of ways to keep your potential employees engaged to avoid ghosting.

Stay connected

Keep candidates informed during the hiring process. They likely have multiple options and you want to be at the top of their list. Frequent contact including a tentative timeline of the hiring process as well as the status of the applicant will make the candidate feel engaged and be less likely ghost an employer.

Onboard before you onboard

“Pre” boarding is essentially beginning the onboarding process as soon as an employee accepts a position. Even before entering the office for their first day, make them feel welcome by keeping in contact and informing them of work “perks” as well as including them on any team emails.

ITAC Partner & Vice President JG Carver and IT Recruiting Manager Wes Jones give some advice to hiring managers on the topic in the video below:

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