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Hiring Manager Advice: Think Outside the Resume

At ITAC, we specialize in finding the right fit for both candidates and companies. We take time to get to know the candidate while seeking to understand the type of person the company is looking to hire. This process has led us to conclude that the resume isn’t always everything.

“Don’t always judge a candidate based on their resume or even their experience,” emphasized ITAC Recruiter Jennifer Minkler. “Have a 5-minute conversation because sometimes you don’t know until you talk to them that they may be the right fit.”

Sometimes, thinking outside the box (or the resume) connects you with a quality hire. Here’s why:

  • It’s not all about hard skills. Ashley Payne, ITAC Senior Client Relations Manager, noted that some candidates look great on paper and make a good first impression, but there is still more to that person than their resume and interviewing skills. Finding out who the candidate is, where their passions lie and where they feel they best succeed equips hiring managers with an understanding of how the candidate may fit into their organization. “A lot of skills can be taught,” Ashley said. “But finding that person who has the soft skills is really important.”
  • It broadens your candidate pool. Kate Sims, ITAC Associate Recruiter, pointed out that thinking outside the resume gives hiring managers the opportunity to meet candidates that you wouldn’t usually meet, which opens the door for candidates whose resumes don’t check every box on your list.
  • There’s more to their story. Meg McClenney, ITAC IT Business Development Manager, stressed that ITAC’s job is to share a candidate’s story and encourage hiring managers to avoid making a quick, resume-based judgement. “We are that middleman that gives them the story behind the resume and the type of person they’re going to be interviewing to be sure it’s a good fit all the way around,” Meg said.

Hiring managers, it’s time to think outside the resume. Let ITAC help you find a candidate who has the hard skills, personality and values that your organization is looking for in a candidate. Contact us today!