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How ITAC Recruits to Its Core Values

We hear about company core values a lot today. Their content populates social media posts, website content, job ads, and more. 

Speaking about living out core values is so ubiquitous now that some may wonder if it all isn’t just a necessary function of a business, an inevitable necessity in the modern-day workplace rather than a thoughtful, intentional statement about what an organization is all about. 

While this suspicion may be duly warranted in some cases, the vast majority of successful organizations take their core values and task their teams with upholding them. 

At ITAC Solutions, we’re confident we wouldn’t be where we are today without our values and reminding ourselves of them often. To highlight this and explain how our core values show themselves in all that we do, we sat down with one of our corporate recruiters, Lia Blain, to explore each of them in more detail. 

Core Value #1: We Do the Right Thing in Every Situation

This core value is a central pillar that supports all that we do at ITAC for both our clients and candidates. Though it may require a little more time and a little more elbow grease, we make it our mission to go the extra mile to do right by everyone we represent. 

For our clients, we don’t simply pass you resumes and hope for the best. We do our due diligence to ensure the professionals that we send your way are ideal fits for not just your role but for your overall organizational climate, vision, and culture. 

For our candidates, we understand just how much a new opportunity can mean for the overall trajectory of your life. When you come to us, we put in the work so you can fully trust that the openings with which we match you fully empower your journey through both work and life. 

Core Value #2: We’re Passionate About Relationships

Somehow, in an industry that revolves around people and people only, relationships can often get lost in the mix. At ITAC, we’ve always upheld the sanctity and value of relationships and rigorously steered away from making a placement just for the sake of the transaction. 

Recruiting, good recruiting especially is built upon relationships. We reinforce that each and every day. No matter our level of engagement, we’re committed to building and sustaining relationships that produce value today and for years and years to come. 

Core Value #3: We Have a Helping Heart

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the recruiting industry over the years, it’s that people who aren’t truly invested in helping others don’t last in our business. That’s not an indictment or a virtue-signaling statement—it’s just a fact. Recruiting is a synonym for helping, helping business leaders grow their businesses and achieve their goals and helping professionals find career homes where they can be valued, stimulated, and supported. 

“We Have a Helping Heart” extends beyond our day-to-day as well; we take our responsibility to uphold our surrounding communities seriously as well. ITAC has carefully gathered like-minded, talented recruiters committed to upholding these ideals over the years, and we’re excited to see the impact all of us together can continue to make. 

Core Value #4: We Are Competitive and Desire to Win for Those We Serve

Though it’s the last core value we list, this is certainly integral to the overall identity and mindset and identity of everyone who works at ITAC. We are true competitors, both about our profession and the results for which we’re responsible for our clients and candidates. 

Losing keeps us up at night—and we think it should. Everyone who works with us deserves to trust their partner cares just as much about the results as they do.


At ITAC Solutions, we believe the real value in recruiting comes from real relationships. If you’re struggling to hire leading candidates or find work that advances your career, let our expertise go to work on your behalf. Hire with us today