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How to Advance Your Job Search this Holiday Season

Is the only thing on your holiday wish list a new job? Wouldn’t it be great if Santa could leave a new job opportunity under your Christmas tree? Whether you’re unemployed and searching for a job or simply seeking a new opportunity, the job search can be frustrating. ITAC is here to lift your spirits!

Job seekers often suspend their search during the holidays under the assumption that employers are not hiring during this season. This is a big mistake! In fact, many employers are STILL hiring during this period to meet the special needs of the holidays, replace someone who left and/or gear up for the new year.

Here’s how to advance your job search during the holidays:
  1. Stand out from other job seekers. When other job seekers are stepping back from their searches, it provides you with the opportunity to stand out and make a positive first impression.
  1. Seek temporary positions. Many companies are juggling full workloads with less employees as they request time off for the holidays. To fill these gaps, companies often turn to staffing agencies. Don’t hesitate to jump at these opportunities! Temporary positions are a great way to get your foot in the door at a new company.
  1. Network at holiday events. Holiday parties provide an excellent opportunity for networking. Casually inform your family and friends that you’re in the market for a new job—you never know what connections they have in their back pockets!
  1. Reconnect with holiday greetings. The holidays also give you a reason to reach out to old recruiters, colleagues or friends that you may have fallen out of contact with. Consider sending a holiday greeting to the recruiter you met a few months ago or the hiring manager you interviewed with in the spring. Not only is this a friendly gesture, but it will also keep you on their minds. Include a brief reminder of your last contact, who you are and a business card.

Ultimately, avoid taking the holidays “off.” To make your holiday wish of a new job come true, it’s important to stay focused. If you’re interested in enlisting the help of a staffing agency, ITAC is always here to help. Good luck and happy holidays!