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How to Create Your Own Luck in Your Job Search

When the job search isn’t going your way, you may feel that you’re just unlucky. The jobs you’re seeing just aren’t the perfect fit. Your skills and experience aren’t what employers seem to be looking for in a candidate. A traffic jam made you late to an interview. Whatever your unfortunate circumstances may be, a lucky charm, four-leaf clover or dressing in green on St. Patrick’s are not going to do the trick.

Even with St. Patrick’s Day approaching, avoid putting your hope in the luck of the Irish and create your own luck with these job search tips:

  1. Take advantage of your resources. Utilize your network of friends, family and other professionals when looking for the right job. Consider reaching out to a recruiter to assist you in your job search. Having another set of eyes out there searching for the perfect position for you is priceless, both literally and figuratively. There is likely a company looking for a qualified candidate like yourself right now or will be soon.
  2. Recognize opportunities. Career paths are often filled with curves, and there are usually multiple ways to reach the goal of obtaining your dream job. Keep an open mind so you can recognize opportunities as they come. The right next step for you may involve relocating or a temporary position that has the possibility of leading to a full-time position.
  3. Accept a challenge. Taking the next step toward a new opportunity can sometimes feel risky, and you may fear it’ll be too big of a challenge. Accept the challenge. For many of us, it feels safe to stay within our comfort zone and keep on as we always have. But it’s often said that some of the best things in life happen when we step out of our comfort zone.

Take control over the journey to your dream job and learn to create your own luck, maybe even with a little help from an ITAC recruiter!