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How to Start Doing Contract Work with a Staffing Firm

If you’re in search of a stable income without the constraints of the regular nine-to-five, then look no further. Contract work is the perfect opportunity for those looking for reliable part-time or full-time work on a flexible schedule. It has been around for quite some time, but it is only recently that more people have taken advantage of this idea and embraced the opportunities contracts afford them. 

If you want to get into contract work, connecting with a staffing firm like ITAC Solutions is a great way to start. Staffing firms act as a link between contractors and organizations that need their services. Instead of starting from the bottom up and finding contracts on your own, staffing firms have a network of companies looking for talented professionals for projects. 

But you may be wondering – what does working as a contractor for a staffing firm entail? 

What It’s Like Working as a Contractor Through a Staffing Firm  

When you opt to use a staffing firm to find your next contract position – the company you go to work for is not considered your employer. You will not be put on their payroll or participate in their benefits programs. Instead, you become an employee of the staffing firm so you can still reap the benefits of contract work without having to worry about payment schedules, tax withholdings, or not being eligible for health insurance.  

So, while the staffing firm officially employs you, you will still be working for other companies on a contractual basis and be expected to: 

  • Take direction from your contract company and perform duties on the specific tasks they assign to you. 
  • Perform to the standard of the contract company by adhering to the agreed-upon schedule, dress code, meeting cadence, and time logging. 
  • Keep in regular contact with your recruiter. 
  • Be on time and follow the rules. 
  • Maintain confidentiality about all dealings with the contract company. 

The Benefits of Contracting Through a Staffing Firm  

The most significant benefit of working with a staffing firm is that they provide a support system. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for everything from finding your own clients to setting up your work schedules and managing all the paperwork that comes with contracting. When you work with a staffing firm, on the other hand, they will: 

  • Withhold taxes on your behalf.  
  • Cover employment-related insurance like workers’ compensation and liability insurance.  
  • Offer other benefits like health insurance.  
  • Help you find future job opportunities as your current contract winds down.  
  • Promote high-performing contractors for more contracts and direct hire roles. 
  • Offer a higher pay rate. 
  • Provide a dedicated staffing representative to discuss any issues that may arise throughout the contract.  

By working with a staffing firm, contractors get to reap the many benefits and freedoms that come with self-employment without dealing with any of the additional hassles of being their own boss. Additionally, contract roles give people the chance to evaluate employers and the work they will do without risking the optics of short-term employment that happens when regret turns to resignation from roles they originally thought were ideal. 

Get Started on Your First Contract with ITAC Solutions  

If you’re ready to make the leap into the world of contracting, ITAC Solutions may be the perfect fit for you! Approximately 45% of all our placements over the past 24 months ended in “permanent” placements that originated from contract placements.  

We have a robust network of companies always on the lookout for top talent for their upcoming projects. Our recruiters can help you find reliable opportunities at leading companies in Information Technology, Finance & Accounting, Corporate Services, and the Public Sector. Contact our team at ITAC Solutions today to get started on your next contract.