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Increase in Hiring to Prepare for Fourth Quarter

The past six months have been anything but predictable for companies around the globe. Many companies have been forced to reduce their staff due to the effects of COVID-19. However, with things slowly moving toward a “new normal,” many companies are ready and eager to hire while they can.

Our ITAC employees share their thoughts on the possibility of an increase in hiring to prepare for fourth quarter.

“Q4 budgets are getting finalized to plan for additional hires. This can allow for leftover budget to utilize in bringing on that person who they may not have been expecting to get in this year and start the ground running next year.

“Also, Q4 is slammed with holidays which will hold up the interview and hiring process, which allows other companies to grab candidates if they don’t strike quickly.”  – Andrew

“Most of my customers are status quo, meaning if they trimmed down, they are still working with reduced staff and trying to get a sense for economic stability before pushing forward.

However, some whose businesses/industry that have not been affected are trying to hire many people. Companies with lower payrates have found it difficult to find great help because of the increased unemployment benefit. That is slowing companies from growing because the talent in that area is limited.  They are very open to using our services to try to find good talent.”  – JG

“Since March, companies have been forced to make some rather large changes. Some have adapted to a work-from-home scenario while others have taken precautionary measures to have employees in-office. Throughout the past three months, we’ve seen a slow rise in market conditions as things begin to “level out.”

“With schools back in session, sports back in full swing, and the election just around the corner, there are a lot of uncertainties for the remaining year. Many companies are taking advantage of hiring while they can, in hopes of preparing for any upcoming issues in Q4.” – Meg

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