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Innovate Birmingham + ITAC Partnership

Created to be “one solution to the tech talent gap that exists in our region,” Innovate Birmingham is a grant-funded organization that provides technical training as well as personal and professional development, to those in the Greater Birmingham Area looking to join the workforce. Since its beginning in 2017, Innovate Birmingham has helped to employ around 200 people.

A unique aspect of Innovate Birmingham that differentiates us from other training providers is our responsiveness to employer demand. Innovate Birmingham was created to be the solution for the tech talent shortage in our region by providing a pipeline between innovative individuals and local employers. Since launching our tech bootcamps in 2017, we’ve had an estimated 70% placement rate of participants in tech or tech-related fields in and around the greater Birmingham area. The success of our program is determined by 1) meeting the skills needs of local employers, 2) producing quality, ready-to-hire talent through our fast-track training and professional development opportunities. I believe in the success of this program to continue to fuel Birmingham’s tech ecosystem. Our participants are incredibly driven, well-rounded, and always eager to learn, and our employer partners have been the foundation of why we are here, and I am grateful for their continuous support and involvement. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this program and to witness firsthand new tech talent enhancing our workforce.” – Deva DeDios, Innovate Birmingham Marketing Strategist

ITAC Solutions has been an “Employer Partner” with Innovate Birmingham since its’ inception.  Being a partner can look different for different companies. For ITAC, it means holding mock-interviews, leading Lunch and Learns on personal branding, working individually with students to craft their resumes and matching Innovate Birmingham graduates with job openings.

Natalie Burns, ITAC Technology Recruiter, represents ITAC as the voice of the Birmingham Technology Recruiting Team, making sure Innovate Birmingham students know the resources available to them through ITAC.  Natalie also works closely with the Innovate Birmingham Leadership team in coordinating efforts with upcoming classes and workshops.

I love working with the Innovate Birmingham team because you can tell they care about their students and are dedicated to the success of the program. We’ve had a lot of success in placing students with our clients and I look forward to more of the same.”Natalie Burns

Recently Ben Branch, an ITAC Owner/Partner, was asked to serve on the Innovate Birmingham Board.

I will try to help the organization come up with creative ideas to drive awareness about this program, while also helping to develop tomorrow’s IT workforce in Birmingham.  I am super excited to be even more involved with the program. This class and program are a godsend to most of these students.  A lifeline or bridge to better pay and a more fulfilling job.  A career that helps them succeed, while also supplying Birmingham companies with upskilled local talent.”Ben Branch

“Before attending Innovate Birmingham’s data analytics course, I worked in the pharmaceutical, steel, and logistics industries and went back to school to finish my degree in Accounting. The data analytics course was recommended to me by someone who knew I was passionate about working with data. ITAC Solutions has been the best recruiting service I have encountered. The recruiter was informative, well organized, and personable. Even checking in on me after the job began. It is impressive to get that kind of support throughout the process. They really went above and beyond what I expected.” Shane Conner, Innovate Birmingham Data Alum

ITAC is passionate about the work Innovate Birmingham does within the community and is proud to be a partner with them. Being an Employer Partner is crucial to the growth and success of Innovate Birmingham and the City’s Technology community as a whole. Learn more about Innovate Birmingham and how to become a partner today!