Keeping Company Culture Alive in a Virtual Working World

A company’s culture is its values, ideals, attitudes, and goals. This culture transforms your company into a team, making it a crucial aspect among every employee for motivation and success.

With many companies still working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenge for many business leaders is how to retain and even enhance your company culture in a virtual environment.

Here are a few ideas to help remote employees feel a part of the team and to keep the company culture active while the staff is working virtually.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Invite colleagues to a “virtual happy hour” every other week (or more) at the end of a workday. Make this a time for team members to chat about anything – except work. Not being physically in the office takes away the usual chatter about our personal lives and this extra social hour will give everyone much needed time to catch up.

Send an Internal Newsletter

Send an internal newsletter to your company monthly that includes business updates, as well as personal updates such as a new baby, a wedding or a promotion. Keeping everyone in the loop about big news connects teams with different departments and makes employees feel more included.

Keep Up with Traditions

If your company usually does a big Halloween party, still do it this year, just remotely! These events are something employees look forward to and have fun with which is something we all need right now!

Employees who work together in an office often build relationships naturally through face-to-face interactions. Those working remotely don’t have the advantage of building those bonds simply by being in the same shared space, so it’s important that companies facilitate interactions virtually.

Keeping employees informed and hosting events will help remote workers feel included and connected to their team and overall company culture.  And the end result will be happier more productive employees and team members.