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5 Ways to Improve Company Culture in a Virtual Environment

Updated in July 2022.  

Your company’s culture can make or break your business. A positive environment can transform your business into a team with similar values, attitudes, and goals. Conversely, having a subpar company culture can lead to disgruntled and disengaged employees with one foot out the door. And in today’s time, where many companies have virtual workforces, many employers are looking to improve company culture in a virtual environment.  

The fact of the matter is that remote work is here to stay – so employers need to focus their efforts on improving their organizational culture for their remote teams. Here are a few ideas to help virtual employees feel a part of the team and keep your work culture alive and strong.  

5 Ways to Improve Company Culture for Remote Employees  

1) Host Virtual Happy Hours and Lunch & Learns  

Invite colleagues to a “virtual happy hour” every other week (or more) at the end of a workday. Make this a time for team members to chat about anything – except work. Not being physically in the office takes away the usual chatter about your team’s personal lives, and this extra social hour will give everyone much-needed time to catch up.  

Additionally, once a month or quarter, give your team the opportunity to host “virtual lunch & learns.” This can be an excellent opportunity for your employees to showcase a helpful tool, tactic, or process in a casual and fun environment. 

2) Send Out Internal Newsletters  

Send an internal newsletter to your company monthly that includes business updates and personal updates such as a new baby, wedding, or promotion. Keeping everyone in the loop about big news connects teams within different departments and locations makes employees feel more included.  

3) Keep Up with Traditions  

If your company usually has a big Christmas party, invite your remote team to the office! These events are something employees look forward to and are great team bonding opportunities.  

Employees who work together in an office often build relationships naturally through face-to-face interactions. However, those working remotely don’t have the advantage of making those bonds simply by being in the same shared space, so it’s important that companies facilitate some in-person events a few times a year.  

4) Provide Opportunities for Employee Feedback  

Never assume your employees are 100% content with their current role and position at your company. Instead, actively seek feedback on how your company can improve team satisfaction and provide opportunities throughout the year for your employees to send feedback via a survey anonymously. This will allow you to identify any issues with your company’s culture and provide training for team members as needed.  

5) Make Collaboration the Standard  

Ensuring your company’s working environment is comfortable and collaborative is a great way to make your remote team feel included and in the loop. Host regular team meetings to connect on projects, set up monthly company updates, and encourage in-office employees to communicate with their virtual team members on a regular basis.  

Looking to Bolster Your Remote Workforce?  

Keeping employees informed and hosting events will help remote workers feel included and connected to their team and overall company culture. A strong, intentional company culture strategy helps both teleworkers and in-office team members feel more productive and happier at work.   

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