The Technology Boom in Birmingham

A new magic is at work in Birmingham, and it’s not steel—it’s technology. While the Magic City is traditionally known for its steel, manufacturing, insurance and banking industries, these days technology is putting Birmingham on the map. In case you missed it, MarketWatch recently ranked Birmingham as the number two emerging tech hot spots along with our northern neighbor, Huntsville.

“Birmingham’s landscape is changing,” noted JG Carver, ITAC Partner and Vice President. Likewise, Ben Branch, ITAC partner and director of IT sales, emphasized, “I don’t see any end or any slowdown in the demand for technology in Birmingham.  I think our city and our mayor are doing incredible things. We’ve got the right people in leadership driving what we are doing in technology.”

ITAC associates attribute Birmingham’s tech growth to the increasing number of startups, the rise of bootcamps and supportive events like Sloss Tech.

Startup City

A recent article in StyleBlueprint calls Birmingham a “Startup City.” A few notable startup wins include Shipt, Planet Fundraiser, Fleetio, Wyndy, Influencer (INFLCR), QuantHub, Fledgling, Mixtroz and SimpleShowing. These up-and-coming tech-forward businesses are demanding more and more tech talent to fuel their teams.

Bootcamp Success Stories

This tech talent shortage created the need for bootcamps, like Innovate Birmingham, Covalence and TrueCoders, to teach individuals the skills they need to become qualified candidates. Wes Jones, Birmingham’s IT Recruiting Manager, noted that companies around Birmingham are starting to see the value in these programs.

Sloss Tech Support

Last, but certainly not least, organizations like TechBirmingham aim to grow Birmingham’s technology ecosystem by partnering with organizations and tapping into local resources, such as schools and boot camps, to support and accelerate growth. Its annual conference, Sloss Tech, endorses Birmingham as an emerging tech hub, expands the technology ecosystem and establishes community. In fact, the Alabama NewsCenter reported that “Sloss Tech is evidence of Birmingham’s vibrant innovation economy.”

The bottom line is that Birmingham’s booming technology sector creates an increased demand for tech talent. If you’re looking for a job in technology or for a tech pro to join your team or project, contact ITAC.