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Birmingham’s Boom in Tech Jobs

Updated in September 2022.

New magic is at work in Birmingham, and it’s not steel—it’s technology. While the Magic City is traditionally known for its steel, manufacturing, insurance, and banking industries, technology is putting Birmingham on the map these days. Birmingham, Alabama, has long been a growing tech hub in the south, along with our northern neighbor, Huntsville.

Thanks to an increased migration of tech workers to Birmingham, combined with efforts to make Birmingham’s tech industry more inclusive and diverse, there’s been a rapid growth in tech jobs. Read on about this exciting development and what this means for your career in the tech industry.

Why Are Tech Jobs Booming in Birmingham?

“Birmingham’s landscape is changing,” noted JG Carver, ITAC Partner.

Likewise, Ben Branch, ITAC partner, emphasized, “I don’t see any end or any slowdown in demand for technology in Birmingham. I think our city and our mayor are doing incredible things. We’ve got the right people in leadership driving what we are doing in technology.”

ITAC Solutions attributes Birmingham’s boom in tech jobs to many factors, including the increasing number of startups, citywide efforts to make tech more inclusive and diverse, and the many supportive tech events and conferences.

Most notably, the rise of remote work and flexible schedules in tech has helped lure tech workers to a city they believe is more affordable and culturally exciting than the staid tech hubs of San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.

Startup City

Birmingham has been a hotbed for growth and new, innovative ideas in tech. As a result, we’ve seen an explosion of startups that have helped to make Birmingham a city that fosters startups. A few notable startup wins include Shipt, Planet Fundraiser, Fleetio, Wyndy, Influencer (INFLCR), QuantHub, Fledgling, Mixtroz, and SimpleShowing.

These up-and-coming tech-forward businesses are demanding more and more tech talent to fuel their teams. And they’re willing to offer the schedules and flexible options that today’s job seekers are looking for.

Boot Camp Success Stories

Birmingham is hiring for so many tech jobs that even recent transplants and new workers joining the industry aren’t enough to fill the demand. As a result, several local tech boot camps have stepped up with proactive measures to help increase the local tech community.

Boot camps like Innovate Birmingham, Covalence, and TrueCoders, are helping people switch to tech, explicitly coding. In addition, they’re helping to teach individuals the skills they need to become qualified candidates in a timeline that makes a career change smoother and more successful.

One of ITAC Solution’s local IT Recruiting Managers noted that companies around Birmingham are starting to see the value in these programs because they help workers during a difficult and possibly stressful period of career transition.

Local Resources for Tech Support

While boot camps are an invaluable resource to help tech workers get started on their new careers, Birmingham’s tech community is working to provide more long-term, ongoing support in the community. This is especially true for the many tech jobs, which can sometimes be isolating for workers who would otherwise flourish in a more active community.

Organizations like TechBirmingham are working to help Birmingham’s technology ecosystem grow with an eye for long-term growth. By partnering with regional organizations and with the help of local resources such as schools and boot camps, Birmingham tech companies hope to support and accelerate our growing tech industry with a strategy for sustainability.

Looking Beyond Tech Jobs, ITAC Solutions Is Here to Help

Birmingham’s booming technology sector is creating an increased demand for tech talent. Combined with recent changes in the industry, our local tech leaders are working to create more innovative partnerships and offer tech jobs that are making strides to build a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

It’s never been a better time to find a job in Birmingham’s technology sector.  Check out our job boardfor a role that’s right for you. Or, if you’re looking for a tech professional to join your team or project, contact ITAC Solutions today.