Top Talent Never Goes Out of Style

While our world continues to shift in light of an ongoing pandemic and societal upheavals, companies and the those in the workforce have to press forward. Sure, pressing forward looks a little different these days when meetings (and classrooms) are over video-conference and eating at your desk is the same thing as working at your dining room table.

Regardless, we are seeing that companies are focused on finding the best talent for their organizations and are leveraging some of these “new norms” to get A-players onto the team without requiring relocation or related cost-of-living adjustments to a larger market.  Lever, a global applicant tracking software provider, recently surveyed over 700 talent leaders and only 14% have been on a total hiring freeze during the pandemic which means companies are still hiring!

As employers have shifted heavily toward video interviewing, both hiring managers and candidates have been challenged by logistics and the need to balance the reality of “interviewing from my phone” with the desire to establish professionalism and a sense of culture.  Candidates able to smoothly play off the cat crawling across the back of their chair or the Interviewer who tactfully handles a technical glitch can find the challenges of this new world to be “moments that matter” when building rapport.

With such low visibility into what the world of work will look like in the next 6 months, employers are evaluating whether a “work from home” option makes sense for their business post-pandemic.  The next consideration is whether those they have hired during the “work from home” era would even want to remain with their company if working from home were no longer an option.  Organizations hosting virtual employee “happy hours” or “family hours”, doling out digital “high-fives” or simply trying to connect with their team members however possible have a greater chance of keeping their teams intact when the pandemic is in the rearview.

This moment we are in is not “forever” so the companies and talent who can innovate, improve or inspire will be positioned to emerge from this moment with the wind at their backs.  If you are looking for that next great hire but find yourself exhausted just trying to tackle your business or if you feel lost trying to start your search for a new career in a period of record unemployment, give us a call.  We would love to help you find the right solution!

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