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What Software Developers Want

In today’s job market, software developers are in high-demand, and candidates with these skills need to be wooed. Is your company struggling to recruit, hire and retain software development talent? Here’s what software developers are looking for in a company (in addition to a competitive salary, of course):

  1. Engaging company culture: The values, processes and priorities that drive your company are important to developers. Developers want to work for mission-driven and/or socially impactful companies alongside brilliant, like-minded individuals.
  2. Excellent management: Excellent management, both for projects and people, is a must-have. This means no micro-managing, the encouragement of independent thinking, knowing what it takes to build quality software and quick decision making. Having a leader who is willing to stand up for his/her team is extremely valuable to developers.
  3. Flexibility to work from home: Workplace flexibility, whether that’s through telecommuting or flexible scheduling, is a popular perk these days. Developers are aware of apps that allow them to work from home and can even enable their supervisors to monitor their progress. Working for a company that takes advantage of these applications to promote a strong work-life balance is a huge plus.
  4. Advanced technology: Given their chosen field of work, it’s not surprising that developers want to work with the latest-and-greatest technology. Access to new tools isn’t only fun and interesting, but it also gives developers bragging rights with their industry peers and keeps them current in a fast-changing technical world.
  5. Career growth opportunities: Offering developers room to grow and encouraging professional development is vital. When interviewing, ask candidates what their career goals are and explain how you can help them achieve those goals.

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