Ghosting Has Long-Term Effects

With a thriving job market, job seekers are often presented with multiple employment offers. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in instances in job seekers to accept more than one offer, decide where they really want to work, and then simply do not show up to the other company without letting the employer know their decision, i.e., ghosting.

As a job seeker, what do you do if you’re offered a more appealing job after you’ve already accepted another? Always, always, always talk to your potential new employer if you have had a change of heart about the position.  Most employers will be understanding if you let them know a better opportunity that better fits you has come along, and though uncomfortable, this conversation can help you avoid burning bridges with that company and/or hiring manager. As this article from CNN Business states, “It’s a small world. You never know where you might run into that recruiter or hiring manager that you stood up later in your career.”

It is also important to note that explaining to an employer that another offer has come up can often lead to a negotiation that might sway your decision. It you still decide to go with the other offer, the employer will appreciate the heads-up that you will not be joining the team.

Ghosting can have lasting effects for employment in the future, so you don’t want to risk your reputation by making this mistake!

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