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The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Birmingham

Updated in September 2022.

If you haven’t heard, Birmingham is a great place to live. One of the top attractions to Magic City is our job market—one of the most active and diverse in the country. In fact, the Magic City was recently listed as one of the best cities for job seekers in 2022 by Indeed.

While this ranking speaks for itself, we wanted to dig deeper into Birmingham’s most in-demand tech jobs. So, before you begin applying for jobs, watch our video and read up on the top jobs in the area, then reach out to one of our recruiters.

Your next step in your job search could change your life. Make sure it’s in the right direction.

The Main Challenge for Employers in Birmingham

After polling our team members, it became clear that there is a shortage of technical skills and a surplus of technology roles.

ITAC Chief Administrative Officer Charles Baughman said, “Cities on the left coast saw talent exit their borders as many employers explored more ‘work-from-wherever’ options for their employees. Further, hiring with that same strategy has created tremendous opportunities for employees, but those larger west coast employers with larger budgets are creating greater competition for local employers vying for local talent. Undoubtedly, Birmingham is not the only city facing this challenge to secure local talent.”

But recent developments in Birmingham are beginning to change the local tech landscape. Birmingham is working hard to make itself one of the leading tech hubs in the nation. The growth that will take place over the next five years is incredible.

In High Demand: Application and Software Development

Some of the most in-demand tech jobs in Birmingham are for developers, both for applications and software.

ITAC Solution’s IT Account Manager, Meg South, said it best, “If you can code or program, the job market is yours for the taking.” Likewise, Partner JG Carver commented, “You give me one person that has this skill, and I’m going to have multiple companies bidding on that person.”

While developer jobs are not for everyone, this career path requires a talent for technology and a passion for the job. This is a lucrative and fun career for many, but it can also be stressful, technical, and time-consuming. However, for those job seekers who are patient, organized, and detail-oriented, becoming a developer can come with some of the tech industry’s best perks and benefits.

Data and Cybersecurity

With increased regulation of the global financial industry, hackers are finding new ways to break into more companies’ sensitive information, so the demand for data and cybersecurity personnel has never been higher.

Even small businesses that have become highly dependent on computers for their everyday operations are creating an increased demand for more data and cybersecurity roles.

Former IT Recruiter Jon Auterson commented on the massive push for data-driven jobs, “Companies want to know how the data moves the business and how it can be secured against fraud or theft.”

Businesses need tech talent to help them understand their data and, from those conclusions, make decisions on how their businesses should operate because, when data is used efficiently, it can revolutionize the future of work.

The demand for cybersecurity and data talent is only expected to grow as more businesses conduct their business online and increasingly use digital channels, social networks, and mobile devices. In fact, it is expected the amount of data collected will triple!

Top data candidates will have keen analytical and mathematical skills and a mastery of natural language processing, statistics, machine learning, and data mining technologies.

Hot Jobs in Other Sectors

ITAC is also seeing an increase in outside of tech – especially for more “business generalist” roles, according to Jana Green, ITAC’s Corporate Services Recruiting Manager.

“There’s been an interesting need for candidates with the experience and ability to combine a traditional body of knowledge, such as human resources, with an unlikely skillset such as marketing,” explained Green. “It’s almost as if employers are seeking a ‘business generalist’ who brings deeper experience in one area of the business and can leverage their knowledge to impact multiple areas within the organization.”

Some of the top roles outside of the tech space include:

  • Project Managers for Corporate Services– candidates who can work well with and motivate coworkers. Being a project manager requires a strong work ethic, discipline, and innovative problem-solving capabilities.
  • Accounting talent – accounting professionals are at the forefront of our growing economy. As our markets grow, more workers are needed to prepare and examine financial records.  Businesses are looking for more accountantsto help them as strategic business partners; a higher level of responsibility is often compensated with better wages and benefits.
  • Sales and Marketing – these positions have seen a huge demand in recent years because of the evolution of technology and the need for more technologically better customer support. The ability to use technology to sell is important for this job field.

Are You Looking for the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Birmingham?

Do you have the skills for these in-demand tech jobs? Are you currently living in or thinking about relocating to Birmingham?  Contact ITAC today, and we can help you find the right fit!