What Jobs are in Demand in Birmingham?

In case you haven’t heard, Birmingham is a great place to be—especially for job seekers. In fact, the Magic City was recently listed as the 4th best city for job seekers in 2019 by Indeed. While we can’t argue this ranking, we wanted to dig a little deeper to discover the specific jobs and skills that are in demand in Birmingham.

After polling members of our team, it became clear that there is a shortage of technology skills and a surplus of technology roles. ITAC Chief Administrative Officer Charles Baughman said, “Everybody who has a computer in their business is always looking to advance their technology. The real challenge in Birmingham is that technology starts on the west coast and finds its way to Alabama, so there’s a real difficulty in finding technology experts.” Employers are also looking to fill marketing, engineering and legal roles.

In High Demand: Application and Software Development

Developers, come one, come all: IT Business Development Manager Meg McClenney said it best: “If you can code or program, the job market is yours for the taking.” Likewise, Partner JG Carver commented, “You give me one person that has this skill, and I’m going to have multiple companies bidding on that person.”

Up-and-Coming: Data and Cybersecurity

IT Recruiter Jon Auterson said that there is also a huge push for data-driven jobs. Companies want to know how the data moves the business and how can it can be secured against fraud or theft.

Needed Now: Marketing, Engineering and Legal Talent

ITAC is also seeing an increase in marketing, engineering and paralegal roles that need to be filled, according to Recruiter Jennifer Minkler.

Do you have the skills for these roles? Are you currently living in or thinking about relocating to Birmingham? Contact ITAC today, and we can help find the right fit for you!